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Since yesterday, Nanjing primary and secondary students have to report, many new parents Jiangning Lu Lang district center first grade a little puzzled,woolrich uomo, in preparation to leave school after finishing the enrollment procedure, when the school notifies the parents have to pay 40 yuan a semester water charges, Each student received a "water-ticket" and was told to the teacher after school on it. Parents are a bit puzzled,, how now have to pay to go to school even drink it?

? Express correspondent Chen Zhijia

School: Non-mandatory fees, can refund

Reporters saw the water held in the hands of parents to vote, printing is very rough, shading printed "Miss Lang Central Primary School," six words, on the face of the seal there is a vague names, and no addition or printing units seal the charging unit. New parents Wang said: "We are at the lodge to pay money, money is the school teacher, then each made votes in the water, and said to the school teacher, you can drink pure water in a specific class how to drink. France, you do not bring their own mug, nobody informed us. "

Miss Lang Central Primary School principal's office Wang said: "For the convenience of students drinking, each classroom is equipped with a water dispenser, water is the drink ticket vouchers, students only need to bring their own one cup cold water can drink."

Water charges if it comply with Department of Education? At August 28, Nanjing Bureau of Education has just announced new charges fall semester 2011 primary and secondary schools, and made it clear that the new semester Nanjing,hogan sito ufficiale, schools, kindergartens fees remain unchanged, while the Town of compulsory education only need to pay prescribed fees and service charges, and on behalf of, any other charge is strictly prohibited.

In this regard,, Miss Lang Central Primary School principal's office Wang explained: "The money is pure water companies who are not teachers and charges are not mandatory, because if the new parents unknowingly paid,louboutin uomo,, and now want a refund. is possible. "

Department of Education: Do not allow the investigation

For the school to explain,louboutin prezzi, Ms. Wang said: "? If only a few students in a class tickets to buy water, then drink a bucket of water would not be for a week,nike tn requin, how to ensure that health," as well as the parents said, that is not mandatory,, but If a class has had to buy do not buy it,woolrich outlet,, how to manage? Is the day to send a teacher watching pour tickets?

When the reporter asked how pure water company who can enter school fees, why not explain to the parents after a further fee, why not provide a receipt, why print the name of the school, and many other questions on water ticket,hogan outlet, Wang were not given answers , but said: "The school is actually good for the students."

Song Zhuren Jiangning District Education Office responded: "The school charges detailed in a no water, is not allowed without permission, we will investigate the charge for handling the matter.."

Some schools receive 10 yuan a semester

Primary water charges are universal, the reporter found that this phenomenon, and many, many charges $­ 10 per semester, 40 yuan be more expensive up. Why schools can not purc

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