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A "Dongguan downtown streets serious homework a little girl,abercrombie france," the net posts jump red local forum users evoke lively discussion

Reporters investigating the little girl in the photo department Zhangmutou a school or primary school,abercrombie outlet milano, but has not yet been confirmed

(Reporter Dong-chul) "She was the most diligent students do?" These two days, on a local network Dongguan Forum, a quote "Dongguan downtown streets serious homework little girl" map with the truth,,louboutin femme pas cher, brought friends Many are filled with childhood memories and love, but also aroused heated debate. After a reporter to follow up to understand that the little girl or the Department of Zhangmutou a school or kindergarten students,air jordan pas cher, but has not yet been confirmed.

Reporters saw through online video shots,nike tn requin, the little girl looks about five-year-old, carrying a bag on the sidewalk squatting roadside concrete barrier, sometimes serious reading on the topic, write the answer sometimes leaned over, looked focused, completely ignoring beside a busy road. Looked sad and some people can not help but admire.

Yesterday,,tiffany outlet,, post photos of photographer friends,, "youth 123" recalls the day the case was called, at 16:45 on October 25,peuterey uomo,, she saw the stone Zhangmutou new school Yin Yang Avenue road,moncler uomo, I saw a small bag toting girl just after school, on the street against the concrete barrier on the open book homework. The little girl doing homework focus, completely ignoring the nearby traffic flow. In these circumstances, can not help but let the "Youth 123" quickly shot down out of camera equipment and then uploaded to the network.

"Youth 123" frankly,woolrich sito ufficiale, to see the little girl from school on the road to the pier to write from the job situation, they "think before reading day", but "they see next car to drive to,parajumpers soldes, I really do not know that in recognition of her or criticize her ...... "

About the identity of the little girl,,woolrich italia,, the video photographer, said she was seeing a new avenue in the town of stone Zhangmutou Yin Yang school sections, users guess the little girl is very likely that the school's students are enrolled in or near the kindergarten. However, because the little girl did not wear uniforms, school bags behind their back, there may be family lived nearby, she put the book and the book on the way out homework on the roadside,Date de création : 18/12/2014 @ 17:32
Dernière modification : 18/12/2014 @ 17:32
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