Innovative concepts of real god

The discussions with god publications are records of real, mental conversations between the author and also a spirit claiming to be god. These publications challenge conventional Christian theology and present alternative esoteric ideas. The purpose of this article is to talk about only the basic facility the foundational ideas, or core concepts of the books. These principles are spelled out for the reader in book. Numerous wonderful ideas for a better globe are presented in publications 2 and also 3, and also there is much food for believed in each of the publications, however just the foundational suggestions are gone over right here.  Early in publication 1, we are informed that, in order for anything to exist, it needs to have an opposite; that, in order for god the hidden to exist and also to understand itself, there needs to be something that is not god the visible production.

is god real yes or no

Without relativity as well as connection implemented by god’s development of the noticeable, real world god could neither exist nor understand it except conceptually. I ought to discuss here that relativity and also relationship come from the real world. They are elements of our experience of the world in terms of reveres, or dualities, as well as contrasts cool and also hot, fare as well as near, pleasure and also pain, good and also poor, the viewer and also the observed, for instance. We evaluate something as cool or much in connection with their opposites, warm or close to. Cold and warm, or far and near are not absolutes; they exist only in connection with, or relative to, each other. In the world of everlasting entirety, of god as the unvarying absolute, that exists forever, relativity and also opposites do not exist.

God is beyond even our grandest ideas of him, as well as in order to really know him, one needs to experience him as infinite love and also unity, beyond duality. This happens when, with his grace, typically after life times of selfless service and looking is god real yes or no possibly in deep meditation and also, in the state of Christ awareness or cosmic consciousness, experiences god as the supreme truth. These states of consciousness, which much surpass our dualistic experiences in the physical realm, are not reviewed in discussions. Those saints and also mystics who have experienced oneness with god as the dad the absolute, past all physical symptoms tell us that this state is so glorious it could not be effectively described in regards to human principles.