A look into weight reducing pharmaceutical drug Phentermine-Uses, benefits and working!

Losing weight is not only a difficult process but also a strategic one. While natural ways appear daunting, there are various pharmaceutical and medicinal alternatives that can help you achieve this task provided that you stick to their recommend levels and take a professional’s advice.

Schedules as a class IV category drug that is a pharmaceutical stimulant, phentermine is the most widely used drug that is a part of various weight reducing diet pills and supplements. Known in treatment of obesity, phentermine dosage are accompanied with healthy exercise regime, balanced diet and subtle lifestyle changes to help you get rid of unnecessary and stubborn fat. To gather additional information, you can consider doing a research online to determine the long term consequences it can bring in to human health.

How does phentermine work?

Known as a controlled stimulant, phentermine can have diverse effect on the body. Working on the similar nature of amphetamines, it triggers the secretion of neurotransmitter in the human body that helps to increase the rate of fat burning process in the body.

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Are there any side effects associated with oral use of phentermine?

Well, there are! Any drug is supposed to come with side effects that can vary in intensity and nature depending upon a number of factors like age, dosage, person’s health condition etc. Different types of short and long term side effects that can arise from phentermine are listed as followed:

  • Difficulty in breathing accompanied with subtle exertion
  • Mild chest pain that can last throughout the day
  • Increased heartbeat, pounding heart and sweating
  • Emotional imbalance like extreme happiness or sudden sadness without a reason
  • Irritability, confused perceptions and peculiar thoughts

While other severe side effects that can arise from prolonged use of phentermine are:

  • Excessive sweating, dryness of mouth
  • Sleep deprivation or insomnia
  • Decreased sexual inclination or libido

The Dosage cycle

Oral consumption of phentermine involves taking two pills every day after lunch and dinner that needs to be continued for first 6 weeks post which a blood examination is done by the doctor to alter the dosage variations. Do not withdraw the medicine on your own discretion as it could counter effect the action of pill in the body leading to abnormal symptoms like intestinal infections and sudden weight gain which can elevate with time. Hence, it would be better to seek a medical advice before beginning its consumption to avoid any serious health implications in the long run.