Why it is wise to employ a highly qualified DUI lawyer?

Becoming stopped by a police officer for suspicion of driving under the influence is not going to go down as one of your greatest moments in life. The truth is this one traffic stop can cause some very serious charges being put on you for DUI. At first, it is only you and also the policeman standing on the right or left side of the road. Your every move is being recorded and everything that happens will be used against you by the legal system. Being charged with DUI is a seriously trying situation, and also you ought to immediately search for a competent DUI attorney to represent you.

After you were stopped, most likely the police officer requested you to take a Field Sobriety Test. In the event you consented to this test, you were told to blow into a machine that measures your blood alcohol content and were put through a number of movements. In the event the officer discovered that you failed this test, you were detained immediately. You refused to take the test and were charged anyway, if, you are at great risk for losing your driving privileges and much more. The wheels of the justice system turn very quickly if you are charged under DUI laws. For instance, you must know more about the DUI 10 Day Rule.

Under this rule, where you are able to fight for the right to keep your current driving privileges you have exactly 10 days to schedule a hearing. Your license will automatically be frozen, should you miss the deadline. This applies to you whether or not you took a sobriety test when detained. They could manage this for you in case you choose to keep the professional services of a DUI attorney during this time. You risk losing a lot more than you understand, if you are contemplating the notion of representing yourself as well as pleading either no contest or not guilty to the charges. In this example, the penalties for DUI are so serious that it will be worth every cent to find a qualified orlando dui attorney to fight this battle on your behalf, while lawyers do cost money.

The DUI laws are complicated, and there are constant changes to the law which make it impossible for the typical person to mount a sound defense. If you are unfamiliar with your rights under the law, you will be convicted on the basis of the evidence the state has against you. Conviction means you will have driving privileges revoked for a time period face acute fiscal fines, be forced to work with a compulsory car locking apparatus and perhaps do some jail time. And, unfortunately, once you have been found guilty of this offense, it is going to stay for good in your record.